Outdoor custom wood working

All of our work on Outdoor custom woodworking is completely custom made to your personal paradise and needs. Our outdoor woodworking in the Orlando, Fl. area cover just about all of central Florida with beautiful wooden structures. We use eco-friendly materials in all of our outdoor custom woodworking creations along with the best materials to hold up against most weather conditions.

Outdoor Wooden Structure Designs

We have no limits in creating your outdoor wooden structures for your yard. From totem poles to tiki huts and gazebos we can design your ideas to create and complete your wildest paradise dreams right in your own yard! All of our outdoor wooden structures will be disigned by our team and created by professionals in wood working. We also protect all of out wood to stand up against most weather conditions!

Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Looking for that outside wood feeling for your paradise furniture? We will custom build you wooden furniture to hold up to most weather conditions while staying so comfortable you will not want to get up! We also create custom wooden exercise furniture for staying fit and/or doing yoga.